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How do the Principia make sense to us?


A. The Principals of Godscience are set at different levels:

i. PERFECTUM - That which is perfect. (Universal)
ii. PERFERVIDIUM - About which we are most ardent. (Local)
iii. CORRELATUM - Guidelines Relative to the Higher Tenets of Godscience. (Personal)
iv. PRACTICUM - Everyday workings of the Church.
v. COMMENTARY - Discussion of the Principles of Godscience.
vi. GLOSSARY - Definition and etymology of terms in Godscience.

B. God is perfect, our understanding may never be so.

C. Godscience, while a church, is not a religion.

D. All events can be explained through Godscience.

E. There is no conflict in any member of any religion belonging to the Church of Godscience



The world is everything to us, but to the universe it is just another neighborhood.

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