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Our History

The First Church of Godscience began the moment the new millenium started, its precepts are eternal.

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First Church of Godscience Chartered

On the very first moment of the new millenium, one thousandth of a second past midnight on January 1st, 2001,(International Dateline Time) the First Church of Godscience was chartered. The Charter was signed and witnessed at Brockton, Massachusetts,USA.

Some very important distinctions were made in this document. Godscience was chartered as a church, but not a religion; Godscience is an inclusive church (one may be a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, etc. and also be a Godscientist; Godscience is not earth-based.

A church is a circle (circ, kirk) of believers, while a religion is an organization which binds one again and again (re-again ligio-type).

So, by being a circle of believers, Godscience can offer to bring together a circle of people who share core beliefs, such as:

There is one God throughout the universe.

God and Science are one and the same.

Life is sacred.

Godscience sees "religion" as a double bind, with dogmas that tie one to practices one may not be comfortable with.

Some of the earliest thoughts on Godscience were originally posted at .

The First Church of Godscience * Box 727* Saxtons River * VT * 05154